To be real honest, I’ve been meaning to write more blog posts. I’ve got a whole lot of post ideas but there were some technical difficulties regarding this blog. I went back-and-forth on continuing to keep this platform self-hosted as the cost required to keep it was quite high for me. But apparently switching back to the free platform was enough to give me a headache so I decided to keep it self-hosted but I moved to a cheaper platform. PS. Apologise if I use the wrong term since I’m obviously not a tech-savvy.

Having neglected the blog for a considerable amount of time, I feel obliged to do a quick update. Not that a lot has been happening, but just as some sort of transition before I start to kick off with more blog posts afterward. So, this what’s been happening:

New Job

I haven’t really talked about work, but I’m going to start to so I figure this update is necessary. I left my previous job, had a nice long break, and now I’m in a new job in a totally new field. It’s rather decent although it makes me have to leave the comfort of my own hometown, yet again. But I’m sure I’ll make it back pretty soon. Here’s hoping.

Got Engaged

Haries kinda proposed to me about two weeks ago on our 7th anniversary. I said kinda because he didn’t really ask. He told me all the nice things and bammm, out came the ring, and he told me that he won’t ask me because he already knew that I’d marry him. What a confidence little pumpkin.

Still, I’m delighted because he delivers on his promise to propose to me with a ring. And despite having anticipated it for years, I still caught off guard and the whole moment felt super surreal and romantic.

That being said, I’m now on a full-on wedding planning mode since I don’t have the ideal twelve months to prep the wedding but surprisingly I handle it really well. Some of my friends keep checking up on me because I have the tendency to stressed over stuffs, especially something as big as a wedding. But I’ve been pretty chill it kinda scares me too.

So, how y’all been?