Practical Bullet Journal

I discovered Bullet Journal over a year ago and I fell in love instantly. It combines three of my favorite things, stationary, customizability, and taking notes of everything. Although I get mocked from time to time for not digitalize my notes & reminder, I still retain my fondness toward bullet journal. For me it is easier to take notes on actual paper witha actual paper, rather than in digital format. I don’t know what it is. Does anyone else experiencing the same thing?

Anyway, I thought I’d have more posts about bullet journal here because aside from the fact that I absolutely love it, it also drives a lot of traffics to my site. Unfortunately, I don’t. Truth is, I had a teeny bit of falling out with bullet journal because I felt intimidated. I was so fixated on achieving perfection, I wanted my bullet journal to look as pretty as everyone else, I wanted to have all the layout possible, mostly something I don’t need. I got so stressed out that I just left my bujo in the corner, collecting dust.

But at the end of 2017, I felt like I got my groove back. I know I need my bujo and it came to my realisation that it doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to be pretty, but I has to be practical for me. So I ditched things that didn’t work in my bujo and started formulating the simplest layout that suits my needs and just see where do I go from there. I’ve also toned down the frequency of looking at bujo inspirations that might intimidate me (I’m easily intimidated, in case you haven’t notice).

So now, I present to you, my practical approach to bullet journal. Here are the things I keep and how I keep it:

1. Year at a glance

For 2018 I decided to keep the “Year At A Glance” section. But instead of just copying dates and day in the calendar like I used to (click here), I decided to have a space to jot down some notes, quite like a future log. Well, I guess you could say that I’m basically merging the “Year At A Glance” section with the “Future Log” section. I do it for the sake of being practical.

Practical Bullet Journal

2. Monthly Log

I also keep the monthly log section where I keep notes of everything I need to do that month, business travel arrangements, events, or appointment that I already known in advance. I don’t use complicated layout or anything just a simple title of the month and that’s about it.

Practical Bullet Journal

3. Blog Post Planner

I dedicate a single page to plan my blog post to keep track of it and stay organized. I actually got this idea from Lily Pebbles and I think it’s quite life-changing. Although I don’t always been able to follow through with my plan (cue blaming work) but it’s making my life easier amidst my busy schedule. I could plan ahead what I want to post and therefore I could plan when to write and shoot the pictures. If you’re a blogger or instagram content creator, this could work for you too.

4. Daily Log

This is obviously the most essential part of my bullet journal. If you see the picture above, the right side of the book is my daily log. Clean & simple. It might not be pretty, but it’s practical. I usually don’t put down the date & day in advance since some days I have nothing to write on it. So to save pages, I keep it that way.

5. List of ListsPractical Bullet Journal

Of course I keep the “List” section. It’s my most favorite part of bullet journal. List or some people call it Collection is basically *drum rolls* list of things. What kind of things? Everything you want to make a list of. The possibility is endless and that’s why I love it. Since I make a lot of list in this bullet journal, I keep track by making a list of lists. How neurotic am I? Lol. And also this will come in handy if you are switching journal so you don’t have to re-write bunch of lists in your new journal. Isn’t that practical?

And that’s that. My practical approach to bullet journal that is stress-free but also helpful. Have you jump into the bullet journal bandwagon? Are you still keeping your bullet journal? Or maybe you have some tricks that you could share to make my bullet journal experience even more practical? Please, please, please, if you do, do share because sharing is caring 😉