Hi, lovelies! Since I’ve been using a lot of skincare products for over a year now, I decided that I’d start writing about monthly empties. Because nothing shows how much I love a product more than using it until its very last drop. And since it’s the beginning of a new year, I figure it’s the perfect time to start. So, here I present to you my December Empties.

monthly empties december 2016

At first, I was quite worried that sharing a monthly product empties would make me look desperate for post ideas. But in fact, a lot of beauty blogger is doing it and I find myself enjoying that kind of post. From monthly empties posts, I could take a glimpse into the real life of all those beauty bloggers. Because sometimes I can’t help but wonder if they really used up all those products they are claiming to love. So in the spirit of sharing, I’m sharing my own now.

monthly empties december 2016

Garnier Micellar Water

I first tried this product when I was in the UK. I found it in a grocery store near my house and fell in love instantly. It does the cleansing job as good as Bioderma. And since it costs only a fraction of Bioderma’s price, I’d say that it’s the perfect dupe. Needless to say, it became my favorite micellar water. I’ve used up more than 10 bottles during the time I live in the UK. I didn’t even glance at another cleanser! Sadly, when I moved back to Indonesia, Garnier Micellar Water has just been introduced to Indonesian Market and it’s only available in travel size. It’s not a biggie, though but now I decided to try on other micellar water as well as cleansing oil. My last bottle of Garnier micellar water finally ran out last month. I’d definitely repurchase in the future but after I try on another cleanser.

The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil

Aside from micellar water, I’ve also introduced oil cleanser into my skincare routine. The first cleansing oil I tried was is this one and quite frankly I haven’t found a better choice. My first bottle ran out just as we about to close the year and I have already repurchase the new one. I found my skin got clearer ever since I used this product. I’ve been hooked on cleansing oil ever since. The only deficiency this product had is its packaging. Oh, how I hate its packaging. The pump didn’t really work well and it makes the product leak. And not just a little drop. A lot! I keep finding oily goo on my vanity table which ruined it. It’s so bad that despite the effectiveness of the product I was determined to find a better substitute. But fortunately, I found out that TBS is changing its packaging so I’m giving this product one more chance. If the new packaging doesn’t leak then I’ll definitely repurchase.

Neal’s Yard Remedies Rose Facial Wash

Just another product I impulsively bought while browsing around at M&S in the UK. I like the packaging and the smell of the product that’s why I bought it. And yeah, it does okay job. It didn’t break my face out but didn’t really do something noticeable to my face. But it doesn’t contain SLS, alcohol, etc so it was all good. I find it hard to find it in Indo and it’s quite pricey for a facial wash so I don’t see myself repurchase it in the near future. Someday maybe. It’s quite good but doesn’t worth the hassle of buying in Indo.

The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Moisture Lotion (With SPF 15)

In case you don’t realize it yet, I do love The Body Shop. Okay, maybe not love. I like it, as a friend, for my skin. So yup, I use quite a lot of TBS products ever since I know nothing about skincare up until now. This is one of the TBS product that I bought quite a long time ago, halfway through 2016 I reckon. Truthfully, I bought it when I didn’t really give a damn about skincare and in need of a day cream. So, the BA told me to try this after I confusingly explain I have a combination skin. The product is not bad. It gives enough moisture but doesn’t make my face looks greasy. You know how much I hate having a greasy face. That’s all I can say about the product. Nothing really special. So if you ask me whether I’ll repurchase, my answer is I don’t know. There are a lot of moisturizers out there that I want to try so the chance is really slim that I’d get back to this again.

Wow, I actually didn’t expect to have that many empties for a month. Yes guys, I consider four a lot because I’m quite new to this whole skincare craze. And I don’t consider myself having many skincare products. Or maybe I do? Well, good news for my blog then.

I’m having so much fun sharing my December empties and is pumped up to share more of my monthly empties for the coming months.

So, do you have a product you really love that you held upside down and push it with full force just to get the very last drop of it? Share with me so maybe it may end up in my next month empties 😉