If there is a word that my closest friends use to define me, it’s organized. They call me organized because I always plan out, keep notes on everything, and keep certain things in certain order. I always have notebook and pen by my side. My definition of heaven on earth is a well-stocked stationery store and my favorite thing to buy is a planner. I always have one for every year. But I have one problem that I believe many planner-lovers are (or were) facing, we can’t commit to just one planner one year long. The problem with the basic planner is it doesn’t have the elements I need and has some elements I don’t. Sometimes the template doesn’t suit my need. It used to be really hard to find the perfect planner. Until I was introduced to bullet journal.

Introducing Myself to Bullet Journal - How I start a bullet journal

What is a bullet journal?

Well, it’s basically a planner. Have you gone to a stationery store and saw a thick notebook with premade layout for each month, each week, and each day for an entire year? It’s like that but more fun. Unlike the conventional planner, bullet journal has no premade template. People usually use a blank notebook and from that create the planner that tailored to their need. And that’s the beauty of a bullet journal. Head over to bullet journal website to get a thorough explanation.

Why I love bullet journal

Bullet journal is definitely a game-changer in my entire planner-game. And here’s why:

  • I can use practically any notebook I could find and this is a plus. Because it’s quite a challenge to find a planner in the stationery store in my area.
  • It is totally up to me to decide the whole template and include elements I need and ignore those I don’t
  • The “List” page is particularly my favorite because now I could keep track of literally everything from books I want to watch till skincare product I’d love to try.
  • It channels your creativity because the possibilities are endless with this one. You can dress up your journal to your preferences. There’s no rule. And even if you’re not so creative, it’s fine because…
  • Despite its flexibility to be tailored to each user’s needs, the system is really simple. You can start out with the very basic template and system that suits you well.

Starting a bullet journal

Introducing Myself to Bullet Journal - How I start a bullet journal

I have started using it quite recently, in September. But I was still accustoming with the new system and after only a week I got lazy. My bad. Fortunately, I came to realize how much I need this and started using it again come November. That’s when I really start to commit on bullet journaling. I even managed not to switch notebook yet. A very hard temptation, I tell ya.

Introducing Myself to Bullet Journal - How I start a bullet journal

Introducing Myself to Bullet Journal - How I start a bullet journal

Introducing Myself to Bullet Journal - How I start a bullet journal

Since I’m still a newbie and let’s be honest, I don’t have many things-to-do currently, I’m sticking to the very basic setup of bullet journal. It’s still messy but I’m just focusing on the practicality of the journal more so than the aesthetic. I refrain myself from putting too many colors and graphics on my bullet journal. Making it as simple as possible. For now. I use it mainly for monthly habit tracker, lists, and daily log. I might move to a more advanced system in the future as my needs grow but for now, this setup is perfect.

Final words

Bullet journal has been a great assistance for my self-organization recently. I can see myself more and more dependant to this in the future as my needs for better organization and productivity increase by the start of next year. I might also be a little bit more loose on the creativity to make my journal more aesthetically pleasing. I’ll incorporate more elements that would suit my future need. But for now, I’m perfectly happy with my simple bullet journal.

So, do you have a bullet journal too? How did it start and how do you like it so far? Let’s share bullet journal stories in the comment section below.

If you haven’t had one and are interested in starting a bullet journal yourself, I’ll be happy to keep you updated on this topic. Subscribe to my blog to avoid missing out my next bullet journal updates. There’ll be plenty of it 🙂