putu dewanti primayani university of birmingham

Sudah lama banget pengen “curhat” soal ijazah aku yang disayang banyak orang. So I’d like to take the opportunity on the 3rd anniversary of my graduation to bring this issue up. A bit of introduction, I hold a master’s degree in accounting from abroad institution and while I’m proud of having achieved that, after a lot of consideration based on personal experiences, I’ve decided not to pursue a career in that field. And that fact apparently gained some people’s attention hence the question “gak sayang ijazahnya?”

Pertama kali aku denger pertanyaan itu dari mantan atasan aku di kantor yang lama. I asked him whether it’s possible for me to be transferred to Bali office because I’ve been away from home for quite a while and I’d like to be with my family and my boyfriend. Katanya, kalo aku di Bali, aku ga bisa maju, I’d be wasting my potential, and then out came the question “memang gak sayang ijazahnya?”. Over time, I’ve received more and more similar questions when I told people what I want to do with my life. They keep saying I’m wasting my potentials.

Well, I think I’m the one who gets to decide where I’d like to channel those potentials.

Lagipula, emang aku harus ngapain untuk nunjukin bahwa aku sayang sama ijazah aku? Apakah kalo aku pulang ke Bali and decided not to pursue a career there due to limited opportunity aku jadi menyianyiakan ijazah aku? What if I decided to abandon the formal sector altogether? Does it mean that I hate my degree?

Pendidikan formal tidak pernah sia-sia tetapi kita tidak semestinya membiarkan dia mendikte kehidupan kita.

Made Andi (2019)

Aku pribadi gak pernah sih ngerasa “sayang”, after all it’s just a piece of paper. Emang sih untuk ngedapetinnya mesti pake usaha, but I enjoyed the process because I love to learn and that was why I pursue it in the first place. I did it to learn first and foremost and the experiences that were more than that paper could describe. That’s also why I refuse to have my life direction dictated by a piece of paper.

I know I can’t control what people are saying about my degree and the path that I choose for myself but I’m writing this not to make it stop, rather I just want to add my own narratives in this matter.

So if you’re in a similar position as I do, do not let a piece of paper or other people’s opinion to decide the path that you should walk on. After all, it’s you who get to walk that path by yourself.

PS: Yes, this is how I write, bilingually, because that’s how my brain works.