Excited about your first trip to Amsterdam? Me too! But obviously, a fun trip is a well-prepared one. From the do’s and dont’s, where to stay, and what to visit, these tips are all based on my personal experience during my trip to Amsterdam.

1. Pay attention to your belonging


First Time in Amsterdam [Tips]

I’m aware that visiting a whole new place, especially the one that’s as charming as Amsterdam could be mesmerizing and all. However, do keep in mind that just like any other tourist destination, Amsterdam still has its fair share of pickpocket problems so it is really necessary to keep an eye on your valuables. Oh, so you don’t believe me? Well, I had a first-hand experience of getting pickpocketed in the middle of the crowded Amsterdam tourist spot while roaming around all fascinated by the city’s charm.

2. Visit The Museum


First Time in Amsterdam [Tips]

Amsterdam is well-known for its wide range of impressive museums like Rijkmuseum, the famous Anne-Frank Museum, Van Gogh Museum, Heineken Experience, etc. If you happen to have plenty of time to explore Amsterdam, set aside one full day to visit all of these museums. Despite being closely located from one another, the queue for these museums can be dreadful! Hence, the whole day should be dedicated if you really are a museum enthusiast. I’ve read somewhere that these museums are worthwhile. Unfortunately, my days in Amsterdam were numbered so I didn’t get to visit any of those museums. I really would! But the queue was too unbearable, so maybe next time 😉

3. Do not walk in Bicycle Lane

First Time in Amsterdam [Tips]

This is a common mistake made by a traveler who doesn’t come from a bike-riding country, well, like yours truly. I made the mistake of not paying attention that there’s designated bicycle lane for the bike-riders. Such a stupid mistake considering that Netherlands is known as a country which citizens are bike-riders, I should’ve known! So don’t make the same mistake like I did and watch out for the bicycle lane.

4. Stay at Airbnb

First Time in Amsterdam [Tips]

If you are traveling in a group and want a little more comfortable, I’d suggest you go look for accommodation at Airbnb. They have amazing apartments listed in Amsterdam that you could stay in during your time in Amsterdam. I happened to have a really great Airbnb experience when I was in Amsterdam. The apartment is really nice, very spacey, and nicely located. I was hooked!

5. Go To Volendam and Zaanse Schans

First Time in Amsterdam [Tips]

Volendam and Zaanse Schans are two lovely regions in Netherlands that you can visit while you are in Amsterdam because they are only less than an hour bus ride away. In Volendam you can visit the famous Cheese Factory, take a picture in traditional Dutch costume, taste the Dutch delicacy -pickled Herring, and cruise to Marken Island. While in Zaanse Schans you would see the well-preserved historic windmill the Dutch is famous for. It took me one whole day to visit both places and I can guarantee it worth your while. Especially if you want to make the most of your time in Amsterdam.

Do you have any other tips on visiting Amsterdam for the first time? I’m all ears! <3

The Jackie of All Trades