Hello! First of all, I’d like to apologize for breaking my promise to post more regularly. I know I really suck at keeping that particular promise but I’m really trying hard. Anyway, I won’t explain the reason on why I was MIA because that’s for another post. This post is going to be about skincare, particularly skincare routine. I have posted my nighttime skincare routine* before so now I’m going to complete it with my current morning skincare routine. To be quite frank, this routine is not entirely “current” because I have used up some of the products here which you might also notice had you read my December Empties post. But rest assured, the steps are completely the same so it’s still relevant.

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Current Morning Skincare Routine

Since we don’t usually have lots of time in the morning, the skincare routine should be as simple as possible. Otherwise, we might skip it completely and that’s not good for your skin. But this morning skincare routine of mine is the rather elaborate version. So, if you’re really busy and barely have time to get ready in the morning this routine might not for you. But I might write another post for a busy morning skincare routine later, is that fair enough? Great, let’s start.

Current Morning Skincare Routine

1. First Cleanse

Actually, it’s not really imperative to double cleanse in the morning. The reasoning is because you don’t wear makeup while you are sleeping (DO YOU?!). Also since you are sleeping, you’re not exposed to as much dirt as while you’re doing your activities outside. So this is the step that you may skip if you don’t have too much time in the morning. I just like to do this for because sometimes even when I sleep I may pick up some dirt from god knows where as indicated by the slightly darkened cotton pad I use to clean my face. The product that I use is the Micellar Water from Corrine de Farme. It does sufficient job to remove the thin dirt on my face.

2. Second Cleanse

For the second cleanser, I was using Neal’s Yard Remedies Rose Facial Wash which sadly have run out just last month. I’ll definitely update you on what second cleanser I’m using as the substitute of this one. I like this product mainly because it doesn’t SLS but it still lathered quite nicely. It also has a subtle rose scent which I also really love because I loathe products with strong scents. This product leaves my skin feeling smooth and supple and it’s also really light for morning use. Too bad it’s not easy to find it in Indonesia but I’d definitely repurchase.

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3. Toner

This is where my nighttime and morning skincare routine. At night I use two toners, exfoliating and hydrating, meanwhile, in the morning I only use one. I choose Son & Park beauty water for the duty. Because not only does it cleanse, it also mildly exfoliate. So it really is a versatile product. I won’t talk further about this product because I’m working on its own review. The only thing I can say is this product is a really great toner for morning time.

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4. Essence

This is another step that you may skip if you’re a really busy morning person. But if you have 5-10 minutes to spare it won’t hurt if you incorporate essence into your routine. I haven’t write about this but essence is quite an essential step in Korean skincare routine, hence the name I guess. What it does is it preps your skin for the nutrition that you would receive from the next products (e.g moisturizer, serum, etc.). So even if it’s optional I like to squeeze it into my morning routine. And the product that I’m currently use is the Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence. Again, review is on its way.

5. Day Cream

Obviously, moisturizer is important for any skincare routine especially the morning. It could help your makeup looks better and protect and nourish your skin while you are doing your activities. Every skin type requires different kind of day cream so the product should be chosen based on your skin needs. I personally don’t like a day cream that makes my face looked greasy. Glowing is great but it shouldn’t be mistaken with greasy. It’s completely different thing. And some creams I’ve tried does that to my skin. Fortunately, The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Moisture Lotion doesn’t. As the name implies, it has mattifying formula that moisture your skin without making you look like you just dipped your face into cooking oil. But like the Neal’s Yard Rose Facial Wash, this product had already run out just last month. I’m currently trying out another product so wait for the update.

6. Sunscreen

If you are really busy because you have a country to run or something, you may skip all the steps above (please don’t) but you by all means don’t skip this one. I can’t stress enough how important a sunscreen is. If there’s someone asking me about skincare, the first thing I told them to do is to use skincare every morning before applying makeup. Or even you like to go bare-faced. I know that most of the time people hate using sunscreen because it usually has thick consistency and leave white cast all over your face. And that is why it is important to find the right sunscreen. I currently use Skinaqua UV Moisture Gel and it’s really lightweight. It doesn’t leave any white cast at all and it’s not sticky. It absorbed well into my skin.

So there you have it. As you can see, my morning skincare routine, albeit an elaborate one is still simpler than the nighttime routine. It also require fewer products. Because again, we don’t have too much time in the morning so it’s only logical to keep the routine as simple as possible. I will keep updating my routine as the products and some of the steps may change over time so this is not the end of my skincare routine post. Keep coming back! xx.

*I apologize that the Nighttime Skincare Routine is in Indonesian, my native language. If you’d like me to do the English version please comment below.