Bullet journal has become an essential part of my life for almost half a year now and my feeling hasn’t changed. I freakin’ love it! It might become a permanent part of my life because it’s been so very helpful. It’s an amazing and life-changing tool. If you are crazy organized and haven’t tried the bullet journal, then you’re missing out a lot. I’m an organization freak myself, so it goes without saying that I’d always had a journal or planner by my side. And if I really have to compare the bullet journal vs basic planner that I used to use, I’d say I love the bullet journal more. Here’s why.


Easy to start

I understand that it could be quite intimidating at first to start a bullet journal. Especially if you spent the last couple hours looking for the keyword on Pinterest. Your eyes will be spoilt with a beautiful array of decorated bullet journal. Yes, making a bullet journal like the one you saw on Pinterest require efforts and let’s be honest, an impeccable art skill. Not to mention the time you have to invest on decorating the pages. But if that’s not your cup of tea, don’t turn away just yet. A simple yet effective bullet journal is actually real easy to start.

I’d even go as far as saying that it’s easier to start than a basic planner. Quite controversial, I know, considering a basic planner comes with premade template that is ready to be used anytime. I don’t know about you but I usually find it hard to find the right planner. It’s because of the premade template that most of the time doesn’t suit my needs. And most of the time as well, I am the one who has to fit myself into the template. With bullet journal, you can take any blank notebook and you’re free to use it in accordance to your needs.

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I can start anytime

In addition to the ease to start, you can also start bullet journal at anytime you’d like. A basic planner that comes with a premade template is usually started at the beginning of the year (i.e. January). So, let’s say you just realized that you need a planner to stay organized, halfway through the year, you might have unused pages in your planner. And that’s a waste of money, I’d say. With bullet journal, you can start at anytime you need it. I started mine at the end of last year. I can simply continue to use the remaining page for a new year if I need to. So no money wasted. Isn’t it great?

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Improve productivity

I must say that I’ve been greatly helped by bullet journal to improve my productivity. With it, I could list down all of my tasks, be it daily, weekly, or monthly. I’m also able to track the progress of my day by writing it down in my journal. Any task that needed to be rescheduled and canceled is also manageable. As I’ve said it’s a life-changing tool.

I can take note of literally everything

I’m the kind of person who likes to take notes of everything lest I might forget it in a minute. When I said everything, I meant literally everything. I like to make a list of books I’d like to read or have read, movies I want to watch or have watched, a list of my favorite blogs, skincare products I want to try and lots more. And bullet journal makes it convenient for me to make a list of those things. I also like to write a brain dump, which is basically all the ideas that I have that totally unrelated to any list or even just some random thoughts. It’s brilliant. I love it.


Last but not least, bullet journal gives you the liberty to make the journal your own. It’s unique to its owner because it’s customizable depending on the owners’ needs. If you’re artsy and you want to make it pretty, you can draw and decorate as much as you want. If you want it to be simple you sure can too. You can add any page that you need and ignore the page that you don’t. And this is the main reason why I love bullet journal so much.

Now that you’ve heard the reasons why I love bullet journal, are you keen to try it for yourself? I hope I persuaded you enough because the bullet journal community is really growing these days. And you know what they say, don’t you? The more the merrier. I use every chance I get to convince people to give it a try because it’s seriously helpful. I’ve said it twice but I’ll say it again because it’s true. It’s a life-changing tool that would improve your productivity.

If you already tried it, would you share what do you love most about the bullet journal? I’d really love to hear.