What’s yours?
Urban dictionary defines “bucket list” as a list of things to do before you die. There’s even a movie titled Bucket List that I haven’t seen yet but pretty much with that kind of idea. Although there is no written rule about it, I personally believe that it is important to make a bucket list. Why is it important you ask? Well, for me bucket list may become some sort of motivation, you know to be braver, and obviously to work harder. Some people’s bucket list may include doing simple things like apologizing to friends etc, but mine mostly about visiting places, seeing things, and doing stuffs that require me to work hard first before I can cross it off the list. The list is what keeping me motivated, when I feel lazy I repeatedly tell myself that someone else is gonna swim with those whale sharks while I’m napping. Yeah, we’ll get to that later. So, here’s the list of stuffs that I want to do before I die:
Take Mom and Dad to India. My parents are pretty religious so I figured taking them for a holy trip to India would make them happy so yeah, even though I don’t always obey them of course I want to make them happy.
Live in New York. I actually almost forget about my obsession toward New York before I started making this post. Well, I don’t know what is it with this concrete jungle that makes me attracted to it. Maybe because Alicia Keys says that it’s where dreams are made of? Haha just kidding. But no, I still don’t know what makes me so obsessed with this city, not only to visit but also to live in it even if it just for a short period of time. I guess because I see a lot of it on TV, how the people live there, the buildings, Central Park, Times Square, the atmosphere, etc? Not sure.
Ride a Hot Air Balloon. Of course!! I have always wanted to ride a hot air balloon, I mean seriously who doesn’t? Would be so much better if I could bring my date and we’ll have a nice romantic afternoon up in the air looking down to a beautiful scenery while watching for sunset? Ain’t that perfect? I know I can do this in Cappadocia, Turkey. They have a beautiful landscape to see up from the sky.
Attend Justin Timberlake’s, Mayer Hawthorne’s, and Michael Buble’s Concert. These guys are my favorite singers and I really want to see them with my own eyes before I die. Hopefully, they’ll keep singing until I can make it true.
Ride The London Eye. London is one of the city I really fancy and the best way to see the entire city is from London Eye. All I know is that this attraction was set up for the 2012 Olympic? Let’s just hope they don’t shut it down before I get the chance to ride it.
Take a Romantic Picture in Front of Eiffel Tower. This is probably the cheesiest of my list but I can’t help it I’m just this helpless romantic girl at heart. Planning to do it with Haries, let’s hope we can make it true soon.
See Aurora Borealis aka Northern Lights. I know this is a typical “thing-to-do” that I bet is in everyone’s bucket lists. Obviously everyone wants to see this beautiful green dancing light (sometimes there’s also pink hue) since it is the most beautiful and magical show by mother earth (well that’s what people say). There are a lot of place where you can see this gorgeous nature’s work of art like Alaska, Norway, Iceland, etc. I’d prefer Iceland though, for no particular reason.
Watching Orcas in Wild Life. Watching this too-cute-to-be-predator is a recent addition to my bucket list. Killer whales-or I prefer to call it by their less terrifying name, Orcas-are the second most intelligent animal (or mammals? I forgot) in the world, they are so intelligent that they can communicate to each other and cooperating like humans. Their brains even have this part that humans’ brains don’t. That is why they can have emotion like us. Some says that they’re really friendly to humans and are able to mimic us. I just really curious to see this cute predators jumping in their natural habitat, not in a captivity, and it happens that you can see Orcas in almost every places you can see Aurora, sooo 😉
Swimming with Whale Shark. I actually have this plan to take diving lesson since like forever but haven’t been able to realize it because one of my bucket list is to swim with one of the least harmful shark, the whale shark, the biggest sea creature ever known. My boyfriend was like “whaaaat??” when I told him I want to swim with this big buddy. I know it’s still a shark and it’s so big but I’ve seen many videos of people swimming along with it and even touch it and they won’t hurt you since they only eat plankton not like their other relatives. Well if you think I’m crazy because of my interest towards big animals like orcas and whale sharks, wait until you see what’s next on the list 😉
Try the Crocosaurus Cove. See? I told ya, I have this weird interest towards big and scary animals and of course crocodile is one of it. I don’t really know where did I pick up this crazy interest, maybe because I watched too much National Geographic and Discovery Channel as a kid. I’m not sure I just remember how excited I was to watch a show about a man catching this big predator and it was sooo big that it couldn’t fit in a truck. It was a jaw-dropping moment and since then I have started to develop my attraction for crocodile. So far the crocs I’ve seen with my own eyes are no satisfaction, they are all so small, more like a gecko than a crocodile. But then I found out that there’s a place in Darwin, Australia where you will put in a glass cage and swim with a REAL LARGE SALT WATER CROCODILE! Kyaaa isn’t that fantastic?!! The next time I visit Australia I will definitely try this Crocosaurus Cove. I’m pretty optimist that this will be the first item I cross off my bucket list.
So, that’s my bucket list. What’s yours? 🙂
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