It is almost impossible to not know the fact that I had spent a year abroad in the UK for my Master’s Degree. I mean, I’ve posted it everywhere up to the point that it makes certain people sick and start calling me snob, humble-bragging, and whatnot. Well, let me tell you, I don’t really mind. Call me whatever you see fit and it wouldn’t change the fact that I did spend a splendid year in the UK and am having the hardest time moving on, hence this post. In this post I’d like to reminisce all the things I love about UK and what makes me so longing to be able to turn back time just so I could enjoy it again.

Bear in mind that I have always had certain fascination towards this country. I love the history, the culture, the guys *swoon* and most importantly the accent. And those facts were enough to make me choose UK as my Master’s Degree destination. Mainly because I wanted to catch the accent, which I’ve failed (though not miserably). But I really didn’t expect it to be that hard to leave the place. Had I known, I’d definitely choose the 2 year programme. So without further ado, here are the things that I miss from the UK, in no particular order.

8 Things I Miss From The UK

1. The Countrysides

I can’t even put it in words, how exciting and fulfilling it is to take a road trip in the UK. Every time I took a road trip to another city I always discover a new and beautiful side of the country. It’s lush and green, with small stone cottages lined up on your left and right side. Sometimes there’s just green pasture with rolls and rolls of hay and cows, or fluffy sheeps. Everything is just picturesque and pretty that I even thought of wanting to retire in any UK country side and live in one of those alluring small cobblestone cottages with ivies decorating its exterior.

2. The Weather

People must think I’m crazy for putting this into the list because nobody loves English Weather. It’s cold, wet, and dingy. Not fun at all. It’s true, I used to dread it as well when I was there. But as Passangers sang “Only miss the sun when it starts to snow”, the opposite is true as well. Now that I’m back to my tropical and always humid country, I long for the days where I could put my sweater and coat on, walking around in my boots, and sipping hot chocolate from my gloved hands.

3. Costa Coffee

Speaking of cold weather and hot chocolate, nothing beats Costa Coffee’s hazelnut hot chocolate with extra whipped cream, my regular order. Back then when I first discovered Costa, I thought to myself, how come I’ve lived for almost a quarter of century not knowing this national treasure (by not living in the UK, obviously). Thankfully, I don’t really have to go back to UK to enjoy Costa again because I heard there’s one in Singapore. But still.

4. Primark

Primark is the love, guys. I remember my first time in Primark and I was hooked. I thought I’d died and went to heaven. It is almost impossible to get into its store and get out empty-handed. They always have anything that I didn’t thought I need but I actually did. And everything is so cheap like where else could you find 7 pairs of knickers in the price of GBP 1? Or a cute pair of flat shoes for only GBP 5?? It’s a student heaven.

5. Amazon Prime

This one is definitely not exclusive to the UK alone, but there’s no Amazon in my country let alone the prime service. The day I subscribed for Amazon Prime was the doom of my bank account but I regret nothing. Everything I want to buy is literally at the tip of my finger and I had only 24 hours to wait for it to arrive, sometimes more but it’s usually less. It is so convenient that I had a hard time adjusting with the regular delivery service when I went back home.

6. Nando’s and Pepe’s

For an Indonesian, finding a food that satisfy our palate and is not Chinese or Japanese or Korean, is it’s own challenge. Thank heavens for Piri-piri Chicken! And Nando’s and Pepe’s have the best Piri-piri Chicken in the whole United Kingdom. Both are so tasty but frankly I’m leaning slighly towards Pepe’s. First of all it’s so close to my house. It also has bigger chicken and spicier. Nando’s is great too, its spicy rice is to die for and you’ll never get enough of its chips. Good thing Nando’s got stores in KL and Australia. Unfortunately for Pepe’s it’s another story.

7. Sainsburry’s

I hesitated at first to put Sainsburry’s on the list because it’s just a grocery stores for god’s sake. It’s not that we don’t have equally large grocery stores here in Indonesia. But the thing that makes me miss Sainsburry’s is not just the fact that it’s a large grocery store where you could find almost everything. It’s the memory of how it’s on the way to home from my uni. How sometimes I get off the bus at the Sainsburry’s stop so I could pop by for supplies or simply just to pick up some Dorritos and wine for Netflix binge-watching session later on. How it only takes 5 minutes walk from my house to the nearby Sainsburry’s and I could just go there with my coat and pyjama underneath. Nostalgic.

8. Historical Buildings

I have always find old building fascinating and UK definitely has numerous amount of old buildings with historical stories behind it. It’s always fun to visit and take a look inside one of those historical buildings. I love how even their big cities have got modernized, they still preserve the old part. That’s what makes walking around UK cities is enjoyable.

It’s been more than a year and every now and then I still wish I was still in the UK for these certain things. If I could rewind the time I definitely would. But unfortunately I don’t live in Harry Potter World. For the time being I’ll just treasure my fond memories of the UK while hoping that I could revisit UK in the near future.

Have you ever been to the UK? What are the things you love about the country? I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂