In about 2 weeks from now I will start my first ever study abroad experience in University of Birmingham, UK. Despite the nervousness I can’t seem to hide my excitement either. I’ve been spending hours in front of the laptop to browse everything there is to know about studying abroad and I keep dreaming about my departure recently. So it’s safe to say that I’m beyond excited for the day to come. I know I’ve said it for like a millionth times but I dare to say it again; it has been my dream for ages! And here are the reason

1. To sharpen my English — and to pick up the sexy British accent

I’ve been studying English since I was small and-without intending to sound arrogant-I’m pretty good at it. There are some recognized achievements to acknowledge that. However still, being raised in a non-English speaking country I find it hard to practice my language skill on daily basis, except on the net. For me it’s not sufficient as my passive language skill is already good, if not great. It’s my active language skill that needs the medium to practice and improve. And what’s better way to improve your language skill than to fly right to its homeland? But why UK among other English-speaking country, like the US for instance? Well, here comes the quite shameful reason, I have soft spot for British accent and I really wish to pick it up by living in the UK for a year. That’s right, sue me.

2. To experience what it’s like to live in a foreign country

This is actually not my first time being away at home. I moved out of my house since I was 18 to study at a university in another province and I have only gone home for holiday ever since because right after graduation I move to yet another province to work at a French company. But it still within Indonesia and so far it’s not much of a difference than being home. It just need some minor adjustments although I still experience the homesick, which I’m much better at handling by now. Hence, I’m dying to have a brand new and foreign experience by living in another country. I love the challenges! It must be totally different than what I’ve experienced before and hopefully it could give my a new outlook on life.

3. Because you need to move at least 5 times in life

According to aforementioned articles, people need to move at least 5 times in their life. Of course, we should not just blindly take the advice from some stranger on the internet but I find my self relating to the article since after 2 times moving from place to place I can already feel the advantages. I’ve grown to my better self, met a lot of new people from different backgrounds which enable me to broaden my perspective, saw how people on different parts of the globe (currently still limited to Indonesia) live hence help me to understand diversity. And it will be really nice to move to another foreign country for my 3rd destination, right? 😉

All in all, I really do hope that this experience will teach me a lot of things and for that I will try to absorb as many things as I can during my time abroad. I will post as many update for my upcoming departure and even until I get there. See you soon 😉