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I was going to use What A Girl Wants as the title but I realized that beside there’s already a movie titled the same, some girls, well, most of the girls don’t even really know what they want. So, men’s quest to please women by giving them what they want is actually useless because hell, we don’t even know what we want. I don’t speak for every girl here, this is just from my experiences and what I heard and well, you know most of them are from me, here’s a list of what a girl loves:
1. A girl loves to be loved dearly. Well, everyone does. I know that people show their love in many different ways. So, just because your significant other doesn’t show his/her love the way you expected, it doesn’t mean that they love you less. I’ve lived this piece of advice and it does prevent you from disappointment. However, sometimes, just sometimes, you might feel like you want to be loved the way you want and girls, we deserve it. Sometimes.
2. A girl loves surprise. Doesn’t matter if it’s not her birthday, anniversary or even when there’s nothing to celebrate, a girl loves to be surprised. It doesn’t even have to be a big party or big present, it can be just a small things like call her in the middle of the day asking about her day or show up in her office to take her to lunch or small gifts, like her favorite books or whatever it is that could make her day, to show her that you care and think about her every single day, even though you’re not use to that kind gesture to express your feelings (but again, read no. 1, every once in a while, show your love in a way that she expects.)
3. A girl loves to be called pretty. No matter how old she is, no matter what she does, girls love it to be called pretty by their significant other. Although they already know that they’re pretty, it’s nice to know that her partner thinks so and acknowledge it and say it. Some girls are quite insecure and competitive, so don’t ever let them think that they’re any less pretty than other girls. Just don’t. Even if it’s your favorite Victoria Secret’s Angels.
I can think of hundreds more but I think those three are the basic things and quite sufficient to keep your girl happy. Keep in mind that your girl deserves to be treated right, after all she loves you with all her heart and chose to stick with you in every ups and down, doesn’t she?
(Relocated from my old blog)
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