The Thin Line of Being Realistic and Pessimistic

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When I was a little girl, questions like “what’s your dream?” or “what do you want to be when you grow up?” were easy to answer. Despite my changing answers, I was always very sure that I could reach it. As I grow older, these questions are getting harder to answer, and even though I managed to think of an answer I’m getting unsure of whether or not it’s a realistic answer. Well, this might not be the case of those who lucky enough to know what they like to do and what they want to be.

It’s understandable because¬†we grow up, we know (at least) a little more than we did when we were little. We come to understand the world and our own capabilities. With all those information, it’s okay to change our perspective about the future. But the question is, does that mean we’re being realistic or pessimistic?

For several years now, I’ve adjusted my dreams so many times. I justify it as being realistic. But how far can I adjust it before I reach the pessimistic line?