My Skin Journey & Lesson Learned

Sebelum mulai nulis tentang dunia per-skincare-an, rasanya aku perlu “curhat” sedikit tentang my skin journey, gimana dari yang tadinya mulus-mulus aja tanpa masalah sampe jadi breakout parah dan balik jadi (agak) mulus lagi. So, here goes..

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Long Haul Flight Skincare Routine

Long Haul Flight Skincare Routine

Traveling to a new place is always an exciting experience, especially when the destination is far away.¬†However, despite the excitement, traveling to far away destination comes with a little downside: the dreaded long haul flight, am I right? I bet nobody likes the idea of trapped inside a metal cylinder for >6 hours straight. Not only because it’s boring, but we basically have to sit through the entire journey, inhaling recycled air that could dehydrate our skin. No wonder we look like a zombie upon arrival. And worse, it could also do harm to your skin even a while after the journey. Something I learned the hard way.

After my first long haul flight (6 hours from Bali to Dubai plus 9 hours from Dubai to Birmingham) I noticed that my skin was not as excited to travel such a long journey as I was. It dehydrated so bad and started to break out the following days after I arrived in Birmingham. It could also be due to the transition to colder and drier air in England sure, but improper preparation before and during the flight also played a part. So, on my way back to Indonesia for holiday, I make sure pay a little more attention to my skin. Here’s my trick to staying fresh during long haul flight.

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