Travel Tips: First Time in Amsterdam

Excited about your first trip to Amsterdam? Me too! But obviously, a fun trip is a well-prepared one. From the do’s and dont’s,¬†where to stay, and what to visit, these tips are all based on my personal experience during my trip to Amsterdam.

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Blown Away in Zaanse Schans

People say you haven’t visited Netherlands if you haven’t see the actual windmill that is the icon of this country. So as I happened to visit Amsterdam, I set aside some time to visit the well-preserved historic windmill in Zaanse Schans, a quiet yet lovely neighborhood in Zaandam, Netherlands. And let me tell you, the place quite literarily blew me away.

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Amsterdam in 48 Hours

Visiting the Famous Cheese Factory in Volendam

If you happen to be in Netherlands and are a sucker for cheese then this place is a must visit! Located in the charming fisherman village of Volendam, this place is heaven for cheese lovers. Hell, even a non-cheese lover like I am would still have a good time here.

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