Trip to The Sahara Desert

Trip to the Sahara Desert

As promised, in this post I will write about my journey to the Sahara Desert.I was very excited prior the departure because visiting the Desert had always been on my bucket list especially after watching Sex and the City 2 🙂

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Escape to Marrakech

Ah, finally the long overdue post on my first trip out of the UK to Marrakech, Morroco. It is months late but at least I finally post this so do accept my apology. I stayed quite long in Morroco and visited a lot of places so boy, will this post be a long one! I might write several other posts on this exciting trip down to Africa.

Morroco is the very first country I visited on my study abroad in the UK, quite interestingly it was also my very first time setting foot on African soil. So check Africa off the list of continents to visit (although I surely would go back to visit other African countries).It was winter in the UK so visiting the warmer place like Morroco was really an escape. Later in this post, you will also find out that going to its capital, Marrakech was an ultimate escape.

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