New Year's Eve in Prague

New Year’s Eve in Prague

It’s finally that time of the year again, my favorite holiday season is just around the corner and I could tell that I’m not the only one getting excited. I bet most of you have already had a holiday plan laid out as to where you would spend Christmas and more importantly, the New Year’s Eve. Personally, for me, New Year’s Eve is the most important holiday there is, with Christmas being my most favorite.

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Travel Tips: First Time in Amsterdam

Excited about your first trip to Amsterdam? Me too! But obviously, a fun trip is a well-prepared one. From the do’s and dont’s,¬†where to stay, and what to visit, these tips are all based on my personal experience during my trip to Amsterdam.

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Hello, Edinburgh!

I know I have broken my promise to post regularly on this blog and it has been quite some time since my last post. But better late than never, isn’t it? Edinburgh is the very first city in the UK that I visited. It was around 8 months ago and it was in the middle of fall so the weather was quite breezy.

Edinburgh was amazingly pretty. It looked like a fairytale city with its array of brown-bricked building and hilly road. I had a really great time there and I think I would like to visit it again sometimes.

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