Birmingham Photo Diary

Today marks the 54th day I’ve been here in Birmingham. Well, the number doesn’t mean anything, actually. I wished I wasn’t overwhelmed with other things (read: postgrad life & travelling) that I could have posted this entry earlier. I wouldn’t bore you with my postgrad life and whatnot, so let’s just cut to the chase. So far live’s been quite good, I’ve settled in just fine and in fact I’ve already got the chance to visit some other cities in the UK, expect the posts soon 😉 However, before I jump to describe how beautiful and pretty (or terrible and dull) the other cities are, I think it’s only fair that I present you with the pictures of the city I’m living in since the previous post only cover the Selly Oak area, this post will take you to explore the heart of Birmingham where most of its main attractions are located at.

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