Why I Love Bullet Journal – Compared to Basic Planner

Bullet journal has become an essential part of my life for almost half a year now and my feeling hasn’t changed. I freakin’ love it! It might become a permanent part of my life because it’s been so very helpful. It’s an amazing and life-changing tool. If you are crazy organized and haven’t tried the bullet journal, then you’re missing out a lot. I’m an organization freak myself, so it goes without saying that I’d always had a journal or planner by my side. And if I really have to compare the bullet journal vs basic planner that I used to use, I’d say I love the bullet journal more. Here’s why.

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How to start a bullet journal - a complete guide

Bullet Journal 101: How to Start a Bullet Journal

A while ago I posted an entry about how I introduced myself to a bullet journal and I received quite a considerable amount of great responses. Most of them have not heard of bullet journal before but are really interested in learning more about it. Some have heard about bullet journal before and are wanting to explore it further but quite puzzled on what it exactly is and how to start it. Well, having been trying the method for a couple of months and finally getting the grasp of it, I decided that I’m gonna share more of it. In this post, I will write about Bullet Journal 101. It will cover everything you need to start a bullet journal.

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Introducing Myself to Bullet Journal - How I start a bullet journal

Introducing Myself to Bullet Journal

If there is a word that my closest friends use to define me, it’s organized. They call me organized because I always plan out, keep notes on everything, and keep certain things in certain order. I always have notebook and pen by my side. My definition of heaven on earth is a well-stocked stationery store and my favorite thing to buy is a planner. I always have one for every year. But I have one problem that I believe many planner-lovers are (or were) facing, we can’t commit to just one planner one year long. The problem with the basic planner is it doesn’t have the elements I need and has some elements I don’t. Sometimes the template doesn’t suit my need. It used to be really hard to find the perfect planner. Until I was introduced to bullet journal.

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