It’s finally that time of the year again, my favorite holiday season is just around the corner and I could tell that I’m not the only one getting excited. I bet most of you have already had a holiday plan laid out as to where you would spend Christmas and more importantly, the New Year’s Eve. Personally, for me, New Year’s Eve is the most important holiday there is, with Christmas being my most favorite.


New Year’s Eve is the day that signifies the change of the year. Despite some people being ignorant about it, I couldn’t help but romanticize New Year’s Eve. It’s the day for me to reflect what has gone through the past 365 days ago, what have I achieve, what worked and what didn’t and how am I going to improve in the new year to come. For that reason, I have always wanted to make the day special, spending it with special people in special place. And last New Year’s Eve I have got the chance to spend it in one of the greatest places to spend New Year’s Eve, Prague. And boy, was it a really great choice.

Initially, I wanted to experience New Year’s Eve in London, being a famous for its New Year’s Eve festivities. But apparently, I was not the only one who wanted to spend NYE there (duh *eye roll), people all over the Kindom and even the world did too and there were tickets being sold to get the best spot to enjoy the famous London Eye firework. I couldn’t even imagine the sea of people that I would encounter so I decided goodbye London, let’s go somewhere else.

Since I was planning a Eurotrip with my uni friend, I figured let’s find another beautiful spot in Europe to spend NYE. After being stressed out with the itinerary we finally decided Prague as the place we would spend NYE at. Honestly, I was quite skeptical at first because I have never heard of Prague as popular NYE destination but hey, at least there wouldn’t be a massive sea of people then, I thought.

New Year's Eve in Prague_1

I arrived on Dec 31 afternoon after a dreaded bus ride from Amsterdam and fell in love instantly with the city. It looked like it came out straight from the fairytale books I read when I was a little girl. It was in the middle of winter so it was freezing cold but it didn’t take away my joy of being there. The weather forecast said that it would be snowing but when we arrived there was no trace of snow at all. I didn’t expect much, though, being already disappointed that my white Christmas dream had turned to dust a week prior.

New Year's Eve in Prague_2

New Year's Eve in Prague

There were still the remaining of Christmas vibe, the Christmas market was also still on. Lights, Trdlnik, and hot choco were everywhere. It literally felt like a fairytale, I was so jubilant.

Our apartment was located conveniently close to the Charles Bridge so we decided that it would be the spot we spend the NYE at. By the time we got to the Charles Bridge, it was still early and it was not too packed with people, I was relieved.

New Year's Eve in Prague

Half an hour before the clock hit midnight, something wonderful happened, the snow fell. I was so asdjhfkdfjls-ly excited! Finally got to experience a real snow firsthand, on my favorite time of the year, in a beautiful place like Prague! How can you not feel ecstatic if you were me?

New Year's Eve in Prague

The snow fell quite hard and it covered the entire street of Prague. And when the big clock on Charles Bridge hit midnight, the fireworks got off beautifully over the bridge with the Prague Castle in the background. Such a breathtaking experience.

If you are looking for a special place to spend NYE that is not too packed I would highly recommend Prague. It gives you an unforgettable NYE experience that I would cherish forever.

 The Jackie of All Trades