Counting Days in Panic

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Yesterday I just realized that there are only 19 days left before I depart to Birmingham (18 days left today!) and I started to feel weird things in my stomach which translated into panic. I consulted to my boyfriend and he casually said that it wasn’t panic, it was excitement. Well, maybe I’m excited too, yes, but the panic is definitely real too. There are still plenty of things I haven’t set in place and hence the panic. I mean, how am I suppose to pack a whole year of my life into a big and a cabin-sized suitcases?!

It might sounds a tad exaggerating given the facts that 1.) this is not my first time going away from home so I should’ve had more experiences and thus be able to relax and 2.) I’m going to a more developed country so I shouldn’t be too anxious. However, 1.) this is my first time moving abroad so, it’s obviously way different than moving to Jogja and Batam, the amount of preparations should be more than my usual pre-departure routine; 2.) I just realized YESTERDAY that there are still a lot of stuffs that I need to bring from Indo and I haven’t buy them yet and also there are still some things I need to research to ensure a smooth transition and I hadn’t done that either. Hence, again, the panic.

Thankfully, though, the panic doesn’t overshadow the excitement of my moving to Birmingham. It’s been my dreams for years to experience living in another foreign country, in the UK to be exact. Almost every important things are already in its places. Visa approved, house rented, tickets book, I just need to get my shit together and prepare the other small things before the D day. I know I can pull this together. Wish me luck! xx