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5 Alasan Untuk Kuliah di Luar Negeri

Mungkin tulisan ini agak redundant karena siapa sih, yang ga mau kuliah di luar negeri, ya ga? Rasanya semua orang pasti ada keinginan untuk kuliah di luar negeri. Be it for undergraduate degree of postgraduate degree. Apalagi kalo baca atau dengar pengalaman orang-orang yang sudah duluan mendapat kesempatan kuliah di luar negeri. They say it’s a life-changing experience. And well, as one of the people who’ve had the chance to study abroad I could vouch for that statement. It was indeed a life-changing experience.

Belakangan kayanya semakin banyak orang yang mulai melanjutkan kuliah di luar negeri, ya. Tapi kuliah di luar negeri bukan sekadar untuk ikut-ikutan apalagi cuma untuk terlihat keren aja, sih. Kuliah di luar negeri itu bisa menjadi pengalaman yang tidak terlupakan bagi aku dan mungkin orang-orang lainnya karena beberapa alasan. Dan di tulisan ini aku pengen berbagi 5 alasan utama yang membuat aku memilih untuk melanjutkan kuliah di luar negeri. Continue reading “5 Alasan Untuk Kuliah di Luar Negeri”


Why I Love Bullet Journal – Compared to Basic Planner

Bullet journal has become an essential part of my life for almost half a year now and my feeling hasn’t changed. I freakin’ love it! It might become a permanent part of my life because it’s been so very helpful. It’s an amazing and life-changing tool. If you are crazy organized and haven’t tried the bullet journal, then you’re missing out a lot. I’m an organization freak myself, so it goes without saying that I’d always had a journal or planner by my side. And if I really have to compare the bullet journal vs basic planner that I used to use, I’d say I love the bullet journal more. Here’s why.

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2016 reflection

2016: A Reflection

So here we are. At the very last day of 2016. Let’s be honest, it’s been a horrendous year. Lots of bad things happened to the world and yet, the year still felt as if it flew away. I’m glad that the year is over but also stunned on how fast it went. Because despite the lack of pleasance, 2016 was also a year where a lot of big things happen to me. Some are good, some or not. Nevertheless, I think it’s important for me personally at least, to make a reflection of what had happened on 2016 and what can I improve for 2017. So here’s a quick glance of my 2016.

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