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First of all, Happy Belated Christmas to y’all! May you have a great year ahead!

I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I have always loved its festivities and ambiance. And this year’s Christmas in particular is definitely the best I’ve ever had. My long distance relationship partner had arrived just one day before Christmas and even though he had a long and tiring journey to get here but we’re glad to be reunited again.

I don’t know if it’s Christmas miracle or he is my lucky star, but on that Christmas’ eve I also got another pleasant surprise. One of my biggest dream, which is to continuing master degree to United Kingdom, might had just came true. You have no idea how happy I am. I’m super ecstatic! Now I’m only several tiny steps away from that dream.

People who are close to me might have known how I’ve always had this huge dream to study in the UK, not only because it has the best business schools but also because of this one silly reason, I want to pick up British accent. Hahaha no kidding. Of course, there are a lot of other reasons too but I don’t intend to bore you with a long list of reasons why I want to study in the UK.

However, despite my huge desire to study there, I realized that it was almost as impossible as the sun rising from the south. Okay, that was a bit exaggerating but seriously, even though my parents are financially sufficient, I can’t ask them to pay for the tuition and living cost in the UK because 1.) it’s gonna cost them a fortune, 2.) they’re not that rich, and 3.) they still have two other children who need education as well. Therefore, my only option is to marry a billionaire and ask him to pay for my tuition apply for a scholarship. But, being a pessimistic that I was, I thought scholarships are too hard to obtain and I gave up even before trying. That was not cool, I know.

I didn’t even think about preparing to apply for scholarship until there was this thing that made me realize that I enjoy studying and I have to continue my master degree, like, immediately. So with a little hope, I tried to apply for LPDP Scholarship, it’s a scholarship provided by Indonesian government as a collaboration of Ministry of Education, Ministry of Religious Affairs, and Ministry of Finance. I was interested in this scholarship because it provides a full coverage funding. It doesn’t only provide tuition but also books, accommodation, and sufficient living cost. Long story short, about a month and a half after I applied, the good news came, right on the Christmas eve! I can’t say that it has been fixed yet because there will be another process to gone through and I have not yet applied to my desired uni, University of Birmingham but it’s already 98%. All I have to do is just follow the procedures and studying in the UK isn’t dream anymore 🙂


Could you say I am the happiest person ever? You bet your ass you could, I’ve got all I want for Christmas 🙂

(PS. I will make separate post to detail the process and experience I had applying for LPDP Scholarship. Stay tuned)

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